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The Expressionary
Mark Schmidek

The expanded, new edition of this comprehensive resource includes definitions and sentence examples for over 10,000 expressions. No other dictionary of idioms and other expressions is so comprehensive. Definitions are short and easy to understand, making this book suitable for second language learners!!!! This book is often used by students as young as 10 years of age.

The Expressionary

Language Activities for Young Hispanic Children: English and Spanish
Cristina Saldaña-Illingworth

This book for ages 4 through 8 is designed to help teachers, parents, speech-language pathologists and other professionals  provide stimulating culturally and linguistically appropriate activities for Hispanic children. The activities are designed to stimulate the development of basic concepts and listening skills that are critical for success in kindergarten and the early school grades. Each activity is included in both English and Spanish.

Language Activities for Young Hispanic Children: English and Spanish
Multicultural Students with Special Language Needs
Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin

English Language Learners (ELL) have often been placed in special education programs inappropriately due to problems resulting from limited English proficiency or cultural differences. This book included detailed information about cultural groups, their languages, customs, and child-rearing practicies. Strategies for distinguishing disabilities from "differences" are described in this comprehensive volume. Thousands of educators are using this book to plan assessment and instructional programs. 

Multicultural Students with Special Language Needs

Bilingual Communication Assessment Resource
Larry J. Mattes and Cristina Saldana-Illingworth

The Bilingual Communication Assessment Resource is the most comprehensive collection of informal assessment tools available for the assessment of bilingual students. Tasks are included for assessing articulation, language, voice and fluency. Parent interview questionnaires, checklists, and informal observational record forms are included that can be used with speakers of any language. Assessments designed specifically for use with Spanish speakers are included. All record forms are reproducible.
Bilingual Communication Assessment Resource

Communicating with Common Expressions 

This book includes reproducible pictures and worksheets that can be used to promote both the understanding and the effective use of idioms when speaking in English. The activities are suitable for second language learners or students with communication disorders. Over 200 idioms are included in the lessons.

Communicating with Common Expressions

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