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English language learners (ELL) often perform poorly in school because they do not understand the language well enough to perform classroom language tasks. With the current emphasis on NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, teachers are often under pressure to bring  reading test scores in English up to grade level as quickly as possible.  Classroom activities often focus on decoding and word identification rather than helping students to develop cognitive strategies that will help them to become independent learners. As a result, the language skills of these students often get LEFT BEHIND.

The development of literacy skills requires cognitive strategies similar to those used in learning to speak.  Oral language activities in the classroom build both vocabulary AND thinking skills that are critical for success within both the classroom language and literacy curriculum. Success in reading comprehension requires skill in making comparisons, solving problems, predicting outcomes, and evaluating outcomes.  These skills can be taught through classroom listening and oral language activities.

This site will provide information about teaching English Language Learners and links to products and resources  that can be used to meet their needs.

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